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Plans and Reports - Annual Report

Annual Report

State Service of Intellectual Property presents yearly an Annual Reports for thorough studying of its activities in the previous year. This report will also cover the primary events of the year with particulars by various issues.
The Annual Report is to inform of:
  • registration of Industrial Property rights;
  • protection of Intellectual Property rights;
  • informational support of every activity in the intellectual property sphere; completing of patent documents collections;
  • introduction of modern information technologies to publish national patent documents;
  • inquiry-informational support of expert examination;
  • international, bilateral and regional cooperation;
  • promotion of the Intellectual Property market to be formed in Ukraine as well as encouraging of creative activities;
  • improvement of the system of training and professional development of specialists’;
  • other information on the Department activity.

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 Annual Report 2008  г -2009

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