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17.04.2015 Performance in March, 2015 

n March, 2015 State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine received 398 applications for inventions, 839 applications for utility models, 1837 applications for trademarks and service marks under national procedure, 936 under the Madrid Agreement. Total amount of the registered documents in March, 2015 made up 1827 documents of title.

16.04.2015 Total amount of registered documents 

Total amount of registered documents of title made up 437 690 as of 01.04.2015: - 113 061 patents for inventions; 97 728 patents for utility models; 29 077 patents for industrial designs.

10.04.2015 Copyright registration in March 

435 applications for the registration of copyright were filed in March 2015 as well as 15 applications for registration of agreements were filed. 235 registrations of copyright in a work were made and 19 decisions on registration of agreements related to copyright in a work were taken.

09.04.2015 SIPSU, law-enforcement bodies and TV-companies to join their efforts in fighting media piracy 

On April, 8 the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine (SIPSU) a Round Table was organized, dedicated to the issues of fighting unlawful use of copyright and related rights belonging to TV-channels.

03.04.2015 On Transfer of Rights to IPOs 

In March, 2015 the active work was continued for realization of tasks aimed at implementation of the state policy in the field of use of rights to industrial property objects (IPO) protected on the territory of Ukraine.

02.04.2015 Public Patent Documents Collection (PPDC) 

The total PPDC collection on optical media as of March 31, 2015 contains about 27 900 discs.

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